Saturday, May 20, 2006

Eurovision - Nearly too predictable

In my earlier post, I commented:

“…the UK entry … will be lucky to finish in the top half of tonight’s final.”


“…worth watching will be the Finnish rock band - Lordi - complete with heavy metal armour, flame and noisy guitars.”

Guess where UK came? 19th out of 24 countries in the final.

Guess where Lordi came? First, of course.

Despite accusations of promoting Satanism, their outlandish performance won the votes from the EBU member states.

Of local interest, Brian Kennedy brought Ireland home in a respectable 10th place, with a third of the points that the winner was awarded.

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John Self said...

We ended up watching Eurovision when round at our friends' house last night. Worth it for Wogan, really, and the occasional mould-breaker, like the Lithuanian entry, "We are the winners of Eurovision": I couldn't help but notice that those countries which pride a sense of humour before musical brilliance - say, the UK and Ireland - gave it and Finland their 10 and 12 points. Quite right too, as there wasn't much musical brilliance to be had anyway.

The women in our party liked the Brian Kennedy song, though I couldn't share their enthusiasm. In fact I think pretty much every country voted for him, though never with very many points, hence the 10th placing. Perhaps it was a good song then (I can't remember a thing about it: Brian? Bland?), or maybe it was because Ireland doesn't have any enemies.