Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mo Mowlam Children's Park at Stormont

Nearly a month ago today, I posted about Stormont Estate, and remarked

If the local political process doesn’t reignite, we may end up with Stormont being more famous for the play park than its political role!
play park being builtDuring her time as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlam arranged for a children’s play park to be built on the expansive grounds of Stormont Estate, along with a fairly extensive set of walks through the woodlands.

And this morning, in a ceremony attended by her husband Jon Norton and the Secretary of State Peter Hain, the play park was named the “Mo Mowlam Children’s Park”.

So if the unruly pupils in Parliament Buildings at the top of the bill decide to bunk off this afternoon’s virtual assembly business focussing on the economy, they’ll be found enjoying a swing and casting their minds back to Mo and the long days and nights of the Good Friday agreement negotiations (when they could have done with somewhere to relax).

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