Sunday, June 25, 2006

Crazy Golf :: Balcony Topiary

Without any sponsorship from Coleraine Borough Council, I’d say that there are three things that will attract you to Portstewart:
  1. Ice cream. Sitting in a window seat watching the sun set while eating a Morelli’s banoffee pie ice cream.
  2. Sea views and walks. As I’ve documented in other posts, the views from Portstewart are spectacular - rain, hail or shin e- no matter what nature decides to show off.
  3. Golf. Cars were starting to arrive at the Strand course of the Portstewart Golf Club long before we were awake in time for 6am tee off. Mad! (Check out the £65 fees for 18 holes Monday-Friday, £85 at the weekends!)

It’s the last of these that’s connected with the photo I took of a balcony overlooking one of the fairways at the Strand course: a topiary golfer up on the balcony, holding what looks like a real wood.

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