Monday, June 26, 2006

Zero points for Coke Zero

Newly launched Coca-Cola Zero sits behind regular Coke and Diet Coke in third place in the Coca-Cola brand stakes. I stumbled across a bottle while shopping in Secret Sainsburys yesterday.

According to the label

great Coke taste
zero sugar

Well the second statement may be a fact, but I’d disagree with the first. Tastes like a cheap cola. Yuck. Fails my taste test. No more rash purchases, I promise.


John Self said...

I was hoping the Wiki link could tell me what exactly the difference is between Coke Zero and Diet Coke, but apparently not. Still, you'd think a company with the nous of Coca-Cola would know that fizzy drinks are not exactly the way forward in the health-conscious noughties. I haven't drunk Coke in years (other than in a bar if I'm driving), whereas I used to get through two cans a day. How about some decent freshly squeezed juices, Coke? Or alternatively, a bottled water that doesn't contain carcinogens?

Anonymous said...

I had an Aunt who worked in quality control for the Metal Box canning factory. She had some tales of Coke eating it's way through the seams on the cans. That was in the days when cans had seams of course. I've never been a Coke consumer as a result and reckoned if it could eat through a soldered joint it couldn't be much good for your stomach.

Anything with aspartame in it instead of sugar is worth avoiding.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

The school science experiment with putting someone's tooth into a glass of coke.

Over a week, it completely disappears - eroding into nothing.

Anonymous said...

I now have a vision of a science lab with one poor soul being held down by his classmates while the teacher, with pliers, says 'open wide'.

Anonymous said...

That whole tooth in coke theory has been disproven on TV.