Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The drought of travel before the glut

For the two months of Jury Service starting back in May, and since, I've travelled relatively little. A couple of trips to London, Horsham for a day, Portstewart for the wettest week of the summer. Nothing too exciting.

The normal two or three days away in England each week has been diluted to a day or two every couple of weeks. I nearly miss the bustle of the airport, and the relaxed feeling as I sink back into familiar airline cabins.

Looks like the pace of scooting about is about to change again. Last weekend in Monaghan, three days this week in sunny Ballycastle (too hot!), popping across to Oswestry on Friday(that's in Wales in case you're wondering) and now a proposed trip to Budapest next week.

Budapest sounds like an interesting place to visit - though I do admit to turning to Wikipedia to augment my postage-stamp knowledge of the city.

In my early teens I went through a brief stamp-collecting phase. I remember a packet of assorted stamps being picked up cheap in a little tatty shop in Oxford while on a family holiday one year. Amongst the most colourful stamps were those from Magyar Posta (the Hungarian postal service).

I fear though that visiting Budapest will be like December's work trip to Amsterdam. Other than driving past a huge stadium-looking construction with Ajax painted in large letters on the side, I could have been in a taxi in any European city. Been there, but not had time to buy the T-shirt.

So what should I look for in Budapest?

Alan in Belfast (actually at a picnic table in Ballycastle awaiting the return of brave relatives who went for an evening walk along the beach and were hoping to get a quick swim before the temperature drops)


John Self said...

I'm going to a wedding in Oswestry in September. The tourism chiefs there will no doubt be celebrating this huge rise in visitors from NI...

Alan in Belfast said...

The Bryn Howel Hotel in Llangollen used to be good - each room a different shape. And only up the road from Oswestry. It might have changed hands since I last stayed.

Oh, and there's the Dr Who museum in Llangollen that was closed, but is easily found due to the Dalek roadsigns!