Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Geo Visitors from across the globe - Welcome!

Having abandoned the Frappr map a few weeks ago, I occasionaly check the Geo Visitors link Geo Visitors Map to see where blog readers are based. It's not terribly accurate, but throws up interesting results.

UK, Ireland and US visitors are the norm. Valued, but not uncommon! Sorry about that.

Sunday saw a visitor from Argentina.

Monday brought surfers from as far away as Saudi Arabia, India and Australia.

And a big "bienvenue" to everyone from France - attracted to the postings about Zidane (at the world cup and before)!


Jefferson Davis said...

Alan, I'm the little green dot all by myself, in South Carolina USA. :-)

How is the weather? It is supposed to be 38 degrees Celsius here tomorrow, with no hope of wind or rain.

Asyraf said...

The system is good.. We can know how popular our blog is and in additional where is it popular.. This is not important for some poeple but it's fun to look at it and know the info.. :)

Alan in Belfast said...

JD, today it hit 29 in Belfast - a city not designed for heat.

We look forward to the summer in Ireland ... since it warms up the rain!

Well we've got the warmth, but could do with a drop of rain to cool down our roof - which soaks in the heat all day, and warms up the bedrooms below all night.

To quote the musical Chicago: "it's too damn hot".

John Self said...

Well, you got the rain you were looking for last night all right, Alan... and plenty more besides!

Alan in Belfast said...

Rats. Missed it. Must have happened after I took off for Gatwick.

It was sweltering in the South East. Could have done with a good shower.

No sign of the lightning that hit NI last night.

John Self said...

Speaking of which, a client rang me this morning to say he couldn't come in to see me as planned, because he was woken from his bed at 5am to the sound of the Fire Brigade extingushing his car...

Jaap Helsen said...

maybe a bit late, but also a visitor from the Netherlands. just because I was looking for Belfast-bloggers, as my friend started to work there about a month ago, and I visited her 2 weeks ago.

Alan in Belfast said...

Jaap, You're never too late to join the party. Someone from Brazil was on the site too!