Sunday, July 09, 2006

Morellis and … So I only saw the last 45 minutes of the World Cup (and that was the final)

As a football non-fan, it was only by accident that I switched over the BBC1 tonight fifteen minutes from the end of the second half of the World Cup final between France and Italy.

Distracted, I started watching. (The first football I’ve watched this tournament.)

Photo (c) BBCIt went into extra time. And I continued watching. Oh there’s Zidane – don’t I remember blogging about a film released recently that followed Zidane for the ninety minutes of a league match – only for him to be “sent off after a fracas at the end”.

And history repeated itself as Zidane eventually was shown the red card for a foolish act – the background to which we’ll no doubt read about over the next few days. Will anyone be able to lip read the verbal exchange between Materazzi and Zidane prior to the incident?

Update: Zidane's been named as the player of the tournament. He's won the World Cup Golden Ball award - which finished polling at half time during the final - after his penalty, but before his headbutt!
Oh, and Damien, the owner of Morelli’s ice cream shop in Portstewart, was advertising that he’d give away ice cream for an hour if Italy won the world cup. I bet the caravaners and holiday makers in the North Coast are causing a massive traffic jam as they flood into Morelli’s tonight. The publicity will be well worth it. Update: He did!

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