Thursday, August 03, 2006

Belfast City Hall at 100 - tears or was that just rain?

Despite the showers of rain, lots of young families turned out to see what the centenarian Belfast City Hall had to offer on Tuesday 1 August. I’m sure the organisers were disappointed that the inclement weather discouraged the expected huge crowds from attending.

(And I bet they'd be disappointed that I only knew it was on because I keep an eye on the website ... and hadn't seen or heard any billboard/radio/TV/newspaper advertising.)

The climbing wall looked fun …

… though the birthday cake was terribly naff. (I think that's the coner of a De Lorian car peeking out of the corner of the photo below.)

But walking through the city centre, there were lots of young happy painted faces carrying twisted balloon animals.

As people milled around inside the City Hall—some of the events moved indoors to keep dry—the comment was made that it was a very changed Belfast when you could actually go inside the City Hall (unsearched) and go into the council chamber etc. Ten years ago, the security risk would have been too high and these areas would have been largely out of bounds.

To reuse the organisers’ branding: Celebrate Belfast.

It’s changing, it’s improving … and the rain is warmer in the summer!

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Anonymous said...

and hadn't seen or heard any billboard/radio/TV/newspaper advertising.

It was advertised on the side of Metro buses