Thursday, August 24, 2006

If NI appointed ambassadors ... who would we send abroad?

Bolivia, and its appointment of ambassadors, has been in the news this week.

Rather than following the normal tradition of appointing public school-educated, double barrel-named men to these important posts, President Evo Morales has asked the public to nominate people they'd like to represent their country abroad.

Perhaps as an encouragement, Gustavo Guzman has been sent to their US embassy. Guzman was an outspoken left-wing campaigning journalist, critical of the previous president.

If Northern Ireland had embassies abroad, who would we send to serve as our ambassadors and diplomats?

Answers on a postcard - well, just leave a comment below!

  • Judging by the pink Metro service bus that picks up a crowd at the gates of Stormont just before St Patrick's Day each year and terminates in Washington DC, the local politicians would want to be US ambassador in rotation. A tour of duty lasting three days each would allow all the MLAs to be in post once a year - something they fail to manage back home.
  • Paul Rankin (local "celebrity" chef) might be sent to Paris.
  • Archbishop Robin Eames might be able to put his political negotiating skills to good use if sent to some of the world's trouble spots like Israel or Lebabon.
  • Eddie Irvine could represent us in Monaco.

But where should we send Frank Mitchell (UTV Weather and School Around the Corner) or Belfast's bagpipe-playing busker?


rupertblue said...

I'd like to send that bagpiper to Greenland to have his assets frozen. Is there no charity to help keep unfortunate ex-UDR soldiers off the streets?

only joking - I quite like him really (except when I've got a sore head).

James said...

Could we send Julian Simmons somewhere? Anywhere... please?


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Perhaps Canada ... I think he used to work for Air Canada (as part of their London ground crew)?

James said...

aaaaarrrgggggg nowhere is safe

(with love from Montréal)


James said...

From Wikipedia:

Simmons originally provided weekend continuity announcements only (as well as news bulletins), as he held a full-time job in Air Canada, and later British Airways during the week, but now appears every evening. He also currently works in a travel shop in the Ballyhackamore area of Belfast.

John Self said...

He also lives around the corner from my fiancée. We often see him powerwalking down the street past the front window, his face all aglow (and it ain't from the effort of the walk).

And now on the UTV... Yeah, that's right Julian, because everyone refers to it as 'UTV' don't they? Not just 'ITV' or anything, oh no.