Monday, August 14, 2006

Tech Camp over – and I’ve caught up on sleep

It’s probably been the longest break in postings since Alan in Belfast started earlier this year. But, despite being hooked up to the internet all week, Tech Camp was too frantic to get many moments to post anything meaningful.

It feels like I’ve edited enough audio and video to do for a while. The art of voxpopping and creatively ordering the hard-won clips has been practiced, as has the ability to make Pinnacle Studio and Windows Media Player crash.

Over the week, we went on a journey with nine teenagers. A journey that took us onto the streets of Belfast, into the QFT, all around UTV, and back stage at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle. But also on a journey looking at identity—the identity that we can have as Christians, and as part of a community of Christians.

It was a tiring week—breakfast at eight thirty tempered with a late movie and bed by one—but so encouraging to spend it with young people with growing faith. Teens with growing confidence that they are not alone in a secluded corner of a geeky world.

As the campers talked their parents through the events of the week in a half hour presentation on Saturday morning there were tears in some parents’ eyes. Lives, attitudes and confidence changed. New skills that are useful. New friendships that are real, though will be able to continue in a virtual world. New understanding of God’s love, promises and gifts. Not to mention a circuit board key ring to remind them of all they have learnt over the week.

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