Monday, August 14, 2006

London - any film recommendations?

I’m likely to brave the airport chaos and be in London for a couple of days this week. Looks like I can still get across and back with hand luggage as long as toothpaste and deodorant become disposable items. And if the workshop doesn’t run into the evening, there’s a chance I’ll get to the cinema.

So I’m soliciting opinions on which film to consider seeing at the newly expanded Curzon chain of cinemas. (They're now running the Renoir up in Bloomsbury, as well as Chelsea Cinema and Richmond Filmhouse.)
I’m tending towards Tideland, but I’m interested in your ideas. Maybe I should look at something more mainstream?

(And according to the programme, Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait will be screened from the end of September.)


Anonymous said...

Well, I've been over here 7 months and I still haven't checked out the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Sq. It's meant to be dirt cheap if that's any help.

John Self said...

Typically I try to get to the cinema once a week but haven't been in ages; a combination of the good weather and there being little on to tickle my fancy. I'd quite like to see Pirates 2 and Superman, but not enough to actually get up and go. Lots of good foreign cinema on at the QFT for the next two weeks though, under the Stella Artois banner (free beer with each ticket!).

I haven't seen any of your shortlist. If Tideland is typical Gilliam, then it's sure to be a feast for the eyes and rather disappointing overall. You may find the following links useful: scroll down on each one and you get a summary of how the major newspaper reviewers rated each one.

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