Thursday, September 07, 2006

Speak for England

A slight feeling of pride has swollen up in me. You see, I started reading a book on Monday afternoon, and finished it yesterday. And I didn't get sidetracked onto another book half way through.

For me, avoiding the distraction of other books is pretty unusual. Which explains the number of half-read books that clutter my bedside table, bookshelves, boxes and my mind.

The book in question was "Speak for England" by James Hawes. (Full review now posted.) It was quite good - though I wish the ending (last 50 or so pages) was different. I'll post a review next week when I'm back home from holiday.

Now I just have to remember why I picked up the book in the first place! Did someone recommend it? I can't recall.


John Self said...

I read his first novel, A White Merc With Fins, which was an amusing and (at the time) novel piece of ladlit. However a friend told me his second novel Rancid Aluminium was exactly more of the same, so I didn't bother with him after that. Look forward to hearing what you thought of Speak for England. Interestingly (well, quite interestingly), when Rancid Aluminium was made into a film, with a largely different plot, Hawes rewrote the novel to match the film and it was reissued in the new form by his publishers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,
I have the same problem with books. I'm reading four different books at the moment. :)

Have you read The End of Iraq?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Nope - way too contemporaneous to have made it to the top of by book list yet!!!