Thursday, September 07, 2006

Youtube >> Northern Ireland >> Happy Slapping a Mouse

Northern Ireland has more than its fair share of shameful YouTube-centred news stories.

Back in the early summer we had clips of joy-riders skidding cars along the Ormeau Road.

And now today my eye caught the BBC News homepage's article about someone called Johnny biting the head of a mouse at a party. No doubt he'll be cursing his friend who filmed the incident and then uploading the clip to YouTube.

Sick. And showing signs of maybe being caught.

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El Matador said...

Saw this. Disgusting. I notice that it has been pulled from YouTube, but you can see his face on there still.

Hopefully someone will shop him to the fuzz, although doubtlessly he will get off with a gentle slap on the wrist like most animal abusers.

Good site you have here BTW- must stop by more often.