Tuesday, October 24, 2006

London’s Ultimate Burger vs Belfast’s Gourmet Burger Bank

Googling for Gourmet Burger Bank still lists the Alan in Belfast postings (one, two and three) reviewing the Belmont Road eatery, and your comments, good and bad.

But East Belfast isn’t alone in offering smart burger joints. London has four Ultimate Burger restaurants. On Wednesday night I had a meal in the branch nearest to the British Museum on the junction of New Oxford Street and Bloomsbury, just east of Tottenham Court Road tube station.

Dark, half empty and small, half empty: it was quite a contrast to the Belmont Road with it’s bright, bustling and a tall ceiling.

Shown straight to a seat—no sitting around nursing a drink while waiting for a table to clear—the menu was familiar but without some of the more exotic meat options. Prices seemed about £1 dearer than Belfast.

My Smoky Mountain burger arrived with skewer through the middle, with layers and layers of cheese and mushroom fillings. The milk shake was huge. At the end of the meal I had the same feeling of indigestion. The burger, fries, onion rings and shake came to £14.

All in all, apart from the queuing, I’d say the Gourmet Burger Bank in Belfast is better :-)

PS: If you’re in London on a Thursday or Friday night, check out British Museum Court Restaurant up on the upper floor. The food’s great, and the tables overlooking the library offer a great view. Shame it doesn’t open all week.


Anonymous said...

ultimate burger is pretty poor. next time you're in london, try the Gourmet Burger Kitchen (there's a new one opened in Soho, I think on frith street). It's the best, by some distance, of the gourmet burger chains in London.

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Aaron, I was in the Soho Gourmet Burger Kitchen last Thursday night. Not as good as the others. But thank's for the tip off.