Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Review of 2006 films

Tis the time of year to look back and review.

So what about this year's selection of films?

It only includes the ones I've seen at the cinema or in planes. The better ones - in my opinion - are in larger text at the top, the worse ones in increasingly tiny font size as you go down. Feel free to comment if you strongly disagree.

The best: 13 (Tzameti), Children of Men, Pan's Labyrinth

The worst: Little Fish, A Scanner Darkly, Stormbreaker


John Self said...

Cock and Bull Story below My Super Ex Girlfriend! Even if - unlike me - you don't automatically enjoy a film that 'plays with the form,' it would be hard to deny that it was more interesting and unusual than most films released this year. About a dozen people walked out during the screening I went to at the Odyssey. What were they thinking!

My film of the year was The Squid and the Whale. Scraping the bottom by some distance was Borat, followed by The Holiday.hxwwee

John Self said...

Hm. The last letters in my comment are not an asthmatic wheeze brought on by consideration of two terrible films in quick succession, but a misplaced piece of word verification...

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

> "plays with the form"

Yeah - I think that was my problem with the film. It brilliantly played with the form. But that was it. The story wasn't great behind it. So it scored highly in the technical/filmatic stakes, but was cancelled out by being forgettable otherwise.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - on the other hand looked like it would be rubbish, but instead had quite a nifty story, and was well told.

Anonymous said...

I loved Pan's Labyrinth. It's such an imaginative film.
I also enjoyed My Super ex-girlfriend for different reasons