Saturday, January 20, 2007

Skateboarding at the Waterfront

And not far across the road from the shiny windows of the Laganside Courts, the local skateboarders are still managing triumph over the Lanyon Place Management Company! No longer able to use the steps and raised ledges in from the Waterfront Hall (anti-skateboard bumps were screwed on a year or so back), they continue to make good use of the bridge across from Central Station and the stairs at the end.

Two summer’s ago, a group of skaters using this area even made a DVD (sponsored by Belfast City Council I think) outlining the lack of decent skating facilities and highlighting how they were treated. (If anyone reading has a copy, I’d live to see what they said.)

Anyway, last week someone in LPMC’s employ stood and watched the daredevil jumps … not sure if he was adding to the safety or security of the proceedings!

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Anonymous said...

YES!! belfast really needs a skating center where young people can keep out of trouble and just skate for fun.