Saturday, January 20, 2007

The gleaming heights of justice

Like most buildings built in Belfast over the last ten years, the Laganside Courts complex is a shiny glass-clad monument to modern architectural style.

Only problem is that the wall of glass faces the River Lagan and the biting wind. So the windows are always dirty.

Enter a team of cold, brave window cleaners. And given the high winds this week, they must have been working just below the limit that would ban cleaning at that height.

Oops ... dropped my chamois!

And watch out for space in-between the old and new courts that is being landscaped at the moment to build a bus lane (yes, limited traffic through the once oh-so-secure inner sanctum of justice) and lay a green lawn.


John Self said...

The other design flaw in the windows is that they render the offices on the ground floor a greenhouse when the sun is shining, so after it was opened they had to install huge roller blinds which run the entire height of the first two floors, ruining the transparency but saving the court office staff from boiling.

Those of us of a certain age can remember when traffic went through the upper tip of Chichester Street before: I used to wait for the bus with my mum outside the Magistrate's Court and fire station (both now demolished).

Anonymous said...


Is your grandfather Hugh McDonald (Belfast Fire Brigade)? Then, my Grandfather is also in the photo Bill B. showed you.

Helen Christie

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

No he's not. And I'm now terribly confused!

Alan said...


I am the cause of your confusion. Helen Christie thought you were me, because my name is Alan and Hugh McDonald WAS my grandfather.

Helen Christie,

Please do a search on "frost mcdonald family" and you will see my family history. Look forward to sharing genealogies.