Friday, January 19, 2007

Tomorrow’s papers

So what will be on the front pages of tomorrow morning’s papers. There are so many stories and loose ends that the press will want to tie up and explore.

  1. The arrest of Ruth Turner, a Downing Street official, in connection with the cash-for-honours inquiry will surely deserve some column inches.
  2. Next door at No 11 - is he back from India? - Gordon Brown has put his size 10 football boot in it by “appearing to back England to host and win the football World Cup in 2018 - and not his native Scotland”. Politically embarrassing, but nothing serious (like inflation and interest rate rises).
  3. Oh, and British Airways has a new uniform policy allowing all religious symbols, including crosses, to be worn openly, and also allowing Nadia Eweida to return to work (having been off on unpaid leave since September.
  4. And finally, in a UK-wide referendum on racism, 82% voted to eject Jade Goody from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

All important stories. Will the Independent have room to run all four on its front page?

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