Monday, January 15, 2007

Two annoyances - permanent or temporary?

I've turn on two annoyances on the AiB blog tonight ... they may be too annoying to last longer than the weekend.
  • One is the de jour Snap Preview feature on links. I'm not convinced it's worth the hassle. No doubt you'll let me know. Update: I've turned it off. Too intrusive.
  • The other is adding a Flickr badge to the right hand column. Which will force me to get a selection of decent photos uploaded to appear in the constantly busy badge.


John Self said...

Snap Preview is a bit annoying, particularly when clicking to add comments. I had a similar add-on to my Firefox for about five minutes before hastily removing it again.

David Todd said...

Keep the flickr on so I can easily get distracted and have a look at your photos @ flickr.
I'm not sure about Snap preview either I'll probably keep it on my blog for a few days. I'm interested to see what way their search works, it's the best part of Snap so far.