Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A guilty pleasure ... but there's no such thing as a free breakfast

There's a feeling of unease when you get on board a bmi flight at St George's Belfast City Airport and realise that the business class curtain is behind you.

Four rows behind.

Is it a mistake? Did I book the wrong fare? For fairly sensible cost reasons we're not allowed to book business class for short trips - never mind the convenience of getting a free snack on the way across.

There would be a witch hunt if you booked outside the travel policy.

But by virtue of choosing a seat near the front have some us been shown grace? Being freely given something we don't deserve? Allowed to sneak into the world of free breakfast instead of the pay trolley?

Looks like cock up rather than conspiracy!

People in each of the rows behind have been trying to squeeze into the small B seats ... business class only use A and C on the left hand aisle, and compress the B seat to give more room.

Only the slimest of hips would fit!

They've now moved the curtains up to just in front of my nose. So no complimentary breakfast. Cattle class after all.

There's no such thing as a free breakfast ... though in a recent bmi press release it looks like they're bringing it back.

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Bank Of Doge said...

gutted for you man.

air travel is just the pits.