Wednesday, March 07, 2007

News for remote election result anoraks ...

I’m a bit of an election anorak. I enjoy the buzz of the TV coverage of the counts, the endless speculation about “early indications”, “piles of votes”, “the ___ camp look depressed”.

If like me you’re not off work and able to park your eyeballs in front of a TV (or able to take advantage of online streaming), then BBC NI offer a solution.

For the price of a single text message of “election” to 82222 they’ll keep you in touch with the developments at the counts. (And if it all gets too much, text “quit” to the same number and they’ll quit bothering you.)


John Self said...

As a friend pointed out today: it doesn't matter who you vote for, they all get elected anyway. It's not far off the truth. 250 candidates (inc jokes, single-issue no-hopers, and half a dozen McCartneys) for 108 seats mean that each candidate has about a 50% chance of getting elected. Where's my deposit? I like them odds.

brian greene said...

50% chance of a win was the same as the last polling day, very good odds, when I ran it was 10 for 3 seats, but its all a sect-camp head count. please let them in and show us that they too can close hospitals like they did before, while the use very load PA systems in dublin to remind us how they support our health service, let them in, it shows them up,

if you love the counts, go to the count centre, the buzz is better but the wider picture is on TV or the chinese whisper from party hacks in other centres.

not being so used to STV PR the count will take 2 days ? it is STV ?

regards Brian