Thursday, March 08, 2007

Squeak squeak ... rodent alert

My aversion to natural history finally caught up with me last night when I couldn't tell whether it was a mouse or a rat trying to jump into a litter bin in the hotel.

Hearing the rustle of plastic behind me in an otherwise quiet "members' room" (soft seats, TV, tea/coffee, a few internet terminals and a network hub in each corner you can plug into to avoid the dodgy wifi) I turned around .to see ...

A grey creature with a long tail trying to jump into the bin, and was bouncing off the plastic liner.
A little grey creature too small to spring all the way up into the bin.

A clever little grey creature that scampered away before I could trap it under another nearby bin!

One nil to the rodent. Home lose to the hotel. And this time, my camera was upstairs in my room, so there's no documentary evidence!


Bank Of Doge said...

Alan matie,

so do you like live in a hotel?

or maybe next door to one?

just wondering

p.s. i just added you to me blogroll.


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Only a couple of nights a week!
And thanks.