Wednesday, April 18, 2007

London Mayor - from one cheeky chappie to another

Tonight's Evening Standard proudly announces that Greg Dyke fancies running for London Mayor.

While I can see Dyke creaming off the populist vote, I'm less convinced he's demonstrated the necessary political gumption. Being DG at the Beeb must certainly qualify as a political atmosphere, but taking on London would be a bigger challenge. He's certainly not a traditional political heavyweight.

Not that AiB should be too concerned - unless he raises Tube fares specifically yo target Northern Ireland commuters!

It could be a headline writer's dream. If work needed done to improve London's flood defenses:

"Dyke replaces Thames Barrier"

But I'd best leave the creative copy writing to Wayne Ordinary American ...

Update: Turns out the Evening Standard had got a little ahead of itself!

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