Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spacehoppers invade the Millennium Bridge - to set a record and test if it still wobbles

(c) Ananova 2007

It’s summed up nicely in Monday’s Guardian’s article. (Though I will try and source some good flickr photos to accompany the post!)

Six hundred people mounted on gold spacehoppers tested whether London’s Millennium Bridge still deserves its “Wobbly Bridge” nickname [on Sunday]. Organisers said they broke the world record - previously 551 - for the most simultaneously bouncing spacehoppers.

The stunt was organised by UKTV Gold to mark the channel’s new promotional clips featuring the sat-upon bouncing balls.

They bounced for 60 seconds, and a Guinness Book of Records adjudicator confirmed that they had beaten the previous record set in 2003 in Bath.

An event spokesman commented:

“The bridge was pretty bouncy under all those people ... I think we thoroughly tested it.”

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ironbed said...

At last England has won something akin to a sporting event. Maybe they'll introduce this as an event at the London Olympics.