Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The 2007 Satin Pajamas have been awarded ...

Well the 2007 Satin Pajama Awards are over and the organisers can now roll up their pajamas and hide them under their pillows until next year. So how did AiB’s favoured blogs and bloggers do?

Our Man in Tirana came a healthy third in both the Best Expatriate and Southeastern Europe blog categories.



Petite Anglaise was voted the Overall Best European blog with a massive 56% of the vote. Slugger O’Toole came fourth with 7%.

But drum roll please ... as Slugger O’Toole stormed away with the prize for Best European blog, and creator Mick Fealty will be wearing his PJs all day long now that he’s been awarded the 2007 Satin Pajama for Lifetime Achievement. (Though I gather that unlike some movie lifetime achievement awards this isn’t an indication that the voters feel he should have given up years ago!)

Congratulations to all concerned.

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Cybez said...

A Lifetime Achievement Award for five years of blogging (or running a political forum), what would they call it after 25 years?