Monday, May 28, 2007

Another visit to the Belfast Children’s Festival

So it was back to the Belfast Children’s Festival this morning. First call over at the Old Museum Arts Centre for a spot of reading at Tea and Tales. The tales came from the stacks of books piled up on the central table, surrounded by bean bags and comfy sofas. The tea came from the reasonably priced coffee bar.

Then it was over to the Waterfront Hall to write a Love Letter ... children choose the object of their affection, use a stencil to paint on a capital letter, draw their object, and wander the three floors of the Waterfront to find the correct tent to stick it up in.

Outside, in a diminutive theatre holding only ten people, Cahoots NI were presenting The Flea Pit, featuring their performing fleas with their incredible feats of mind reading, weightlifting and incredible trapeze stunts! We didn’t sign up, but it was photogenic and it looked like great fun.

And finally, we made spiders at the Animal Sculpture Workshop. Quick-setting modelling putty, straws, pipe-cleaners and lots of paint. Did I mention lots of paint? So thick was it plastered on that one of our spiders is still drying out.

Great fun.

Some of the events carry on through the week. Check out the festival events programme.

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