Friday, May 25, 2007

Podcast update

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I recently caught the first of the Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo movie review vodcasts, the video version of the normal Friday afternoon movie podcast. Or in the old fashioned world, the show you can catch on your steam-powered transistor radio if you tune it to 909 kHz on its medium wave dial.

Mixing between the existing static Five Live studio webcams, and stills of the featured films’ posters. It’s a bit heavily edited, with much too frequent cutting between camera angles for my liking. The upside was seeing Mark Kermode waving his arms about as he ranted and raved.

The first show has now expired from the vodcast feed, though it has been preserved over at YouTube.

Another film podcast worth checking out is the Jett and Dr Higgins’ show – Film Talk – though it isn’t release quite as regularly as the weekly Kermode one.

A new Northern Ireland podcast has sprung up over the last couple of months. The weekly shows are still sitting on my iPod gathering dust while I get around to sampling them, so I can’t vouch for the quality. But Let me know what you think of Hit The North (they have a companion blog too)

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Anonymous said...

I've never listened/watched the Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo movie review vodcasts, but I will now. Hit the North is a grand show.

Listen to my podcast, when you get time. It's full of schtick and an excessive amount of craic, if such a thing is possible. I have three or four guest host each week. I have two regulars in America, and the other two are from the Republic of Ireland.

Anyhow, thanks again for the info. :-)