Sunday, July 29, 2007

Testosteron, a lack of at the QFT

Poster for the Polish film Testosteron

On Friday night, we planned to go out for a bite to eat and see a film. Avoiding The Simpsons, Harry Potter and Transformers, we settled on the Testosteron, an intriguingly-described Polish comedy being shown in the Queen’s Film Theatre.

Dinner at Café Renoir near the top of Botanic Avenue was good as always. (Try out their pizzas with sour cream. Divine!) The evening was dry, and we walked around the corner into the new entrance to the QFT. Lots of people milling around outside and inside in the spacious foyer.

And then our plan went off the rails.

“Sorry. Sold out”

Turns out that Testosteron (no final “e”!) was programmed as part of the successful Polish Film Festival that has been running for the last week. As was obvious from all the Polish been spoken in an around the QFT on Friday night.

As it was only on for the one night, it may be some time before we find out about the

“clever and hilarious portrait of the constant struggle of men and women to understand one another. [Maybe not the best film for your wedding anniversary?!]

The wedding of Kornel, a young well-known TV scientist, to the famous singer Alicja, is to be the social event of the year. In a suburban reception hall, the final preparations are being made.

Suddenly a silver Rolls-Royce arrives on the yard with a screech. Three men drag a badly beaten boy out of the car and lock themselves into one of the rooms. Who are they? Terrorists? Gangsters? Policemen with an unusual approach to the law? The truth will turn out to be very amusing.”

While we didn’t get to see it, it good to know that the local venue had brought together the local Polish community for an evening, in much the same way as they do with the Bollywood matinees some Saturdays for the expanding Indian community in and around Belfast.

And instead of being stuck inside for a couple of hours, we got a walk through QUB quad, and headed home for a couple of West Wings ... just started season five if anyone is tracking my new year’s resolution to watch the entire series this calendar year!

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