Monday, December 24, 2007


Donaghadee lighthouse

Christmas Eve saw a trip to Donaghadee. Hawaiian burger and chips in the Captain’s Table chippie on the harbour front. Then a walk out to (and around) the light house with our three year old.

Donaghadee lighthouse

Donaghadee lighthouse

Beautiful skies. And a recently whitewashed lighthouse was very photogenic. Flickr has more snaps.

View from harbour into Donaghadee

View through lobster pots into Donaghadee

(I can see why - back in September - Donaghadee was the venue for a local Flickr meetup.)


Timothy Belmont said...

I so looked forward to Hawaiian-burger & chips at the original Wildfowler in Greyabbey twenty years ago: they had a wonderful formula, so consistent, and the hamburger was home-made too.
Never been into the Captain's Table: is the Hawaiian a speciality there?

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Doubt it. Chips and something would be the speciality. But it's consistently good on our six monthly visits to clog arteries and boost sodium levels!