Monday, December 24, 2007

Early morning Christmas Eve shopping - good and bad

At ten to eight this morning I witnessed at first hand the military operation being run by M&S out at Sprucefield.

Customers in a short queue waiting to collect their turkey and other festive goodies. The collections were all timed to prevent complete madness. Two massive freezer containers in behind the tills, and a refrigerated lorry out the back with yet more "birds".

The big boxes of desserts looked good - profiteroles instead of pudding anyone?

The big Tesco in Lisburn was having less luck having suffered a bomb scare around 7am, causing trolleys to be abandoned in the aisles and checkouts as customers and staff evacuated.

By half eight staff were shopping in reverse, wheeling around trolleys and putting goods back on the shelves.

According to the cashier on one checkout, the security man on the door went white as a huge number of police cars with flashing lights turned up at the Bentrim Street store.

An unpleasant reminder of the old Northern Ireland - one that hasn't entirely gone away you know.

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Anonymous said...

A scary little Christmas reminder indeed. Anyway, a happy Christmas to you, Cheryl and your family, Alan - and see you back here later in the week!