Saturday, December 29, 2007

Irish Blog Awards - open for nominations

Irish Blog Awards logo

It's started a bit earlier than last year, but the 2008 Irish Blog Awards are now seeking nominations. So if there's a blog or two that you read regularly - or a podcast you regularly listen to - and think stand out beyond others, then nominate them.

(Though the server seems to be underpowered tonight - Sat 29 Dec - leaving more time to think of worthy nominations.)

Last time I looked, there's no closing date for nominations, but they're likely to be open for four weeks or so if it follows last year's pattern. Update: Nominations close at 9pm on Friday 18 January.

Damien Mulley has reflected on last year's issues, and eliminated the mass public vote:

"New nomination system, new judging system and a restriction on the number of categories you can be nominated in. This means there’s more chance for smaller blogs to get through and combined with no public vote this year, it means it’s not a popularity contest that gets you to the second round. So, to be clear, all nominated blogs will get judged in round 1 and whittled down and some will go forward to round 2 where the judging gets a lot tougher."

My only concern is around the categories that reward specialist bloggers that stick to a single subject, rather than the (majority?) of generalist bloggers who post about a wide range of topics. But you can't have everything!


Damien Mulley said...

Generalist is covered under Best Blog but that's going to be a viciously competitive category, so it means a more specific category should give people a better chance. They can go forward for both.

Blacknight's servers are down for me and 290 other customers since early this evening. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Alan, there was no mention of Podcasting on the form this year.

Are Podcasters not to have their own event this year?