Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland at May’s Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade

Dustin the Turkey (c) RTE

Nobody takes the Eurovision Song Contest too seriously ... until a ludicrous act wins the final, or wins a country’s contest for their entry.

And so the knives have come out (post-Christmas) for Dustin the Turkey who beat off five other acts to win his place as Ireland’s entry into the 2008 contest.

Headline writers took full advantage of the pun opportunities:

  • Eurovision: Flock of Turkeys (Irish Independent)
  • Ireland gets its Eurovision Turkey (RTE)
  • Fowl Eurovision entry for Ireland (BBC Online)
  • Ireland's Eurovision song entry is guaranteed to be a turkey (Guardian)
  • Ireland’s Eurovision contestant causes a flap (TV3, New Zealand)

Whether or not the European voting public will take kindly to the puppet and his song Irelande, Douze Pointe that takes the contest less than seriously remains to be seen. However, the Europe-wide storm of publicity after Saturday night’s decision by the Irish phone voters and texters can only help Dustin chances in May. Proves too that the Irish still have a sense of humour!

I’m guessing that Dustin won’t be looking forward to the

“pressure cooker environment at May’s Euvovision”

as the BBC online report described it!

The Guardian added:

“The glove-puppet, a character on an Irish children's TV programme, won the heats despite having the backing of Dublin-born Bob Geldof, who declared that Dustin was one 'of the greatest talents this country has ever produced' and that he should represent Ireland's 'glorious musical heritage' on the world stage. 'The mere fact that he is a turkey should give Ireland the edge,' said Geldof.”
Dustin the Turkey - (c) Irish Independent

You can catch the fullsong on RTE’s media player and catch some of the lyrics from Dustin’s masterpiece:

Dustin The Turkey :: “Irelande, Douze Pointe”

Oh I come, from a nation
What knows how to write a song.
Oh Europe, where oh where did it all go wrong?
Drag acts and bad acts and Terry Wogan's wig
Mad acts and sad acts, it was Johnny Logan's gig

Shake your feathers and pop your beak
Shake 'em to the West and to the East
Wave Euro hands and Euro feet
Wiggle in the air to the turkey beat

Give us another chance, we're sorry for Riverdance
Sure Flatley he's a Yank
And the Danube flows through France
Block vote, shock vote
Give us your 12 today
You're all invited to Dublin Ireland
And we'll party the Shamrock way

Eastern Europe we love you
Do you like Irish stew?
Or goulash as it is to you?


James said...

I think I speak for the nation when I say that if that turkey beats the British entry, we should secede from the European Union in shame.

James I McAnespy said...

Why is there such negativity surrounding this? Dustin has done more to enfranchise several generations of Irish children than anything else in the country. It would be a great day for Ireland if Dustin won.