Thursday, February 07, 2008

Getting a decent sandwich ... Belfast and London

Having pondered the re-emergence of KFC on the streets of Belfast, my mind wanders back to lunchtime on Tuesday and Wednesday in central London. A lot of the time the only sandwich outlets near St Paul's seem to be Pret a Manger, EAT or Starbucks.

Excellent sandwiches from Figaro Bar, Moorfields, near Moorgate tube station, London

But less than half a mile up the road at around Moorgate, there are lots of independent (and mostly Italian) sandwich bistros.

The cheese and chicken sandwich (and slice of apple pie) from the Figaro Bar on Moorfields was so good on Tuesday, that I went back for a second helping on Wednesday. Great food, at pretty low prices. Queued out the door - which is always a good sign!

Belfast has a few good sandwich shops - Browns (opposite EDCO and beside Bradbury Graphics) does a mean panini, as does an outlet in InShops.

Do you have any favourites?


ruthEbabes said...

I often find it hard to get to an independent sandwich shop because there's usually a lovely smell of subway coming from somewhere nearby that entices me in. However there was a great bagel bar in upper Arthur Street, not sure if it's still there now though.

Alan in Belfast said...

The Bagel place is part of a chain too ... there's another one upstairs in Castlecourt. And the smoothies are nearly more expensive than the bagel and take twice as long to make!

Used to be a nice cafe at the other (city centre) end of that street that served wonderful chicken and brocolli bakes etc. Yumm.

ruthEbabes said...

At the mention of Chicken Broccoli bake there u reminded me of a wee place on Lombard Street that my mum and I went to allllllll the time, did great bakes and homemade pizzas and quiche and yummmmmmmmmmmmmmyness. Again not sure if it's still there, i haven't been in a while

tim said...

Must check your blog for sandwich bars before I head off to London again Alan!