Thursday, February 07, 2008

KFC returns

KFC, High Street, Belfast (under construction)

Not a matter for enormous celebration, but worth noting that KFC is reopening on Belfast's Ann Street, around the back of the new Victoria Centre. Since its closure a year or more ago, the only city centre franchise has been at the back of Castle Court. There'll be more finger licking at lunchtimes ...


ruthEbabes said...

KFC is one of the fast food chains that actually makes me crave it, which ain't good seeing as there isn't one near where we live.

This particular KFC has lots of good memories for me, my best friend at school and I would have went shopping in the city every other saturday and we ALWAYS went to KFC. I'll have to check it out sometime and see if it's anything like what I remember.

Miffy said...

Yuk. This post calls to mind the person dressed in a chicken suit outside the KFC in Ballyhack with a placard saying 'KFC Makes Me Sick'. They'd just, yet again, been fined for hygiene offences.