Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy New Year (of the rat)

New Year Decorations in London's Chinatown

Today marks the Chinese New Year, and an excuse to post a couple of snaps taken in London's Chinatown on Monday night.

Not having stayed in central London since mid-October, I was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiastic greeting I received when I went back into Yung's in Chinatown. They even remembered my "usual" starter and drink, and I got a very cheery "Happy Chinese New Year" yelled after me as I left. Wonderful to feel at home even when you're away.

It's the year of the rat, a zodiac symbol associated with being shrewd, compassionate, charismatic, hard-working, neat and organized, yet at the same time obstinate, fickle and lacking a sense of humour.

New Year Decorations in London's Chinatown

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