Monday, February 18, 2008

What happens if you set a piano on top of your iPhone?

For a while, iPhones were quite a rarity in the UK. But over the last few weeks, lots more people seem to be digging deep into their pockets to shell out for the mobile phone of the moment that comes with the monthly call rental package that should brokered through a mortgage advisor rather than over the counter in Carphone Warehouse or the O2 shop.

iAno application for Apple iPhone

So if you want to make your iPhone stand out from all the other ones, you’ll want to download and install iAno on your unlocked handset. Now you can play Chopsticks anytime you want. And if you’ve got two iPhones, then you stand a chance of playing something with both hands! May also work on iPod Touch too.

Useless ... but fun to watch --- click through for the YouTube video (embedding broke the blog layout!)

(via TechDigest)

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Rob Elkin said...

The amount of mortgage needed to pay your monthly iPhone bill is inversly proportional to your ability to unlock it for your current contract/your geek level/your geek contacts geek level.....