Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day

Belfast City Council - St Patrick's Day carnival and concert

Belfast City Council are putting their name and weight behind a carnival parade (leaving the City Hall at 12 noon), and a concert in Custom House Square between 1pm and 3pm featuring Mutya Buena (formerly of Sugababes), Nae Goats Toe (an Ulster Scots folk orchestra), Four Men and a Dog (“toe tapping blend of traditional Irish favourites”) all pulled together by Pete Snodden.

And there will be lots of other events across Northern Ireland to keep you busy ... unless you're stuck in school or work!

PS: I can't really be bothered to comment on the Paul Rankin publicity stunt to gather together lots of people called Patrick in Trafalgar Square on Sunday. Didn't Dave Gorman do that first?


Timothy Belmont said...

Re the Rankin stunt: it's an intrinsic part of Brand Rankin. It can be seen most days on Ainsley's programme.

Brabazon said...

I saw him on BBC News 24 promoting this. so shameless a publicity hound is he, that at one point he mentioned that he'd changed his name to 'Paddy' for the day so that he could join in, because he was 'saddled with the dreary Ulster-Scots name of Paul Rankin'...! So in honour of Paul Rankin and St Patrick, I'm going to cook pasta tonight, but I'm going to change it's name to 'potato' for the duration of the meal... ;)

Timothy Belmont said...

Hear, Hear, Brabazon. We're having toasties: mature Canadian cheddar, currants, English mustard, onion, honey - all bound with French mayo!