Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ballyhack Amore ... spelt the Tesco way

With a Tesco Express store right in from of St Colmcilles' entrance, it's good to see that Tesco were supporting local events.

But looks like Tesco found it easier to support than to spell Ballyhackamore!


Anonymous said...

Saw this during the week and thought it highly amusing.

"When Tesco spells your name /
Without care or shame /
That's (Ballyhack)Amore."op

LT said...

I agree with John -- I think it's just an expression of love, Italian-style.


Wondering said...

I like to believe it's someone acting with creativity and initiative, stimulating conversation and reflection from within the Great Tesconic Monolith Itself.

Like one of those sewer-dwellers from Delicatessen... (no offense meant, ye servants of Tesco! If you've seen the film, you'll know, it's a compliment, and an expression of hope.)

Anonymous said...

I gave this exhibition a miss this year. We spent too much money last time on nice paintings.