Saturday, April 05, 2008

Parachuting in Hope to Belfast?

Driving up and down the Upper Newtownards Road, there's an old petrol station that's been temporarily covered in advertising banners for the Celebration of Hope event in Belfast this weekend.

I'm sure the advertising agency didn't mean to leave me with an image of Hope being parachuted into Northern Ireland ... as part of a barnstorming performance in the Odyssey?

(PS: I'm off to a recording of Hmm ... Colin Murphy's Great Unanswered Questions at the QFT.)


Sophie said...

I loved visiting Belfast and hope to go back soon!

Jake said...

Never been to Belfast but for other parts like in the south i.e Mullingar Sligo Dublin etc are firm favourites on my list of places visited in Eire

Wondering said...

Parachuting in... It occurs to me that the "get saved" type message is like the silk parachute... Great for rescuing on the way down. People's frustration is that Franklin had no answer when asked on the radio, how he expected his message to change things for us.

We need to find a use for those parachutes, once they deliver people safely to the ground. Clothing? Tents for shelter? sacks for food parcels? Or better still, for seeds to plant...