Monday, April 28, 2008

Midnight Man - conspiracy alert!

James Nesbitt plays Max Raban in ITV's Midnight Man

I’m a sucker for a good conspiracy drama. The Last Enemy was excellent stuff. The best ones seem to get cancelled early – like Channel 4’s Ghost Squad and Cape Wrath!

So ITV’s new vehicle for James Nesbitt, Midnight Man, looks interesting.

Nesbitt plays Max Raban, a failed investigative journalist searching for stories to sell to tabloid papers.

Midnight Man tells a timely story of terrifying conspiracy, reaching the highest echelons of power. Nesbitt plays Max Raban, a former journalist reduced to raking through bins for celebrity stories.”

Raban suffers the debilitating psychological disorder phengophobia – an abnormal fear of daylight – which reduces him to bin hoking at night.

“Everything changes when he uncovers information that will lead him into a frightening world of deceit and distrust. As Max’s world crumbles around him he struggles to find a way to expose the truth.”

Like all good conspiracies, there’s lots to go wrong. His estranged wife is murdered, he’s framed for the crime, and becomes a fugitive. However, discovering that a death squad is at work makes him determined to expose the truth about the brutal killers.

Let’s hope it’s good enough to last beyond its initial three episode series ... particularly since Nesbitt isn’t going to be Doctor Who after all! Starts Thursday 8 May at 9pm on ITV. A tough slot, up against The Invisibles (BBC1), Heroes (BBC2), Grand Designs Live (C4), House (five), Bones (Sky One) and the wonder NUMB3RS (ITV3).

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