Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cheryl Wonders whether abseiling down the Europa will be fun - Quick Ad Break

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You'd struggle to get me to agree to do it, but then my wife is braver than me. Or is that more foolish?

Cheryl Wonders is abseiling down the front of the Europa Hotel in Belfast this Saturday morning. Along with students from UUJ, she's raising money for Habitat for Humanity.

Europa Hotel Belfast

Spending a day recently building on their Belfast site, they didn't get any higher up than the roof space. But on Saturday it'll be a tad higher as they step off the top of what was once the most bombed hotel in Europe ... and probably the most abseiled now!

If you'd like to encourage this Spider-man activity - and help build a house in the process - then feel free to donate online. In her words:

"Instead of burning each other out, Habitat is getting communities to work together on building homes for those who need them.

£1250 is what it costs on average for Habitat for Humanity to build a new home in the developing world. When I agreed to do this abseiling lark, the challenge was for us to raise 125 each, so that ten people had paid for a house... But since I'm going to be 40 ... sometime in the next ten years... (ahem) I thought perhaps together we could pay for a whole house. What do you say?"

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