Thursday, May 29, 2008

Give me an H, give me an O ... N ... D ... A. What does it spell? Honda!

Millions of years after it was created, and the world still throws up firsts every day.

As well as the 350,000+ unique children born today, Honda screened a live three minute advert at 8:10pm on Channel 4 tonight.

If like me you missed it, but are curious about the level of success of the team of stunt parachutists in the sky above Spain in spelling out the word Honda before opening their chutes, and wondering how well the technology held together, then it's available to watch again on the Honda website.

Update - it's now up on Youtube.


Alan in Belfast said...

Watch out for the "Hello Mum" about 02:28 into the video above!

Anonymous said...

Overshadowed, however, by this:

Less than 24hrs later, the plane used in the commercial crashed. Two dead.