Friday, May 30, 2008

Tea bag farce worsens

Without wanting to wind up a previous anonymous commenter, the long-running tea bag saga has just got sillier. Shopping in Secret Sainsburys on Monday threw up a new twist in the quest to find out why are two small boxes cheaper than double sized box of tea?

Sainsburys have an intriguing pricing policy when it comes to boxes of Teadirect tea bags

There's a new promotion on at the moment. And Sainsburys have knocked 50p off the price of both the 80 bag and the 160 bag boxes of Teadirect, further accentuating the already weird pricing.

160 bags of Fairtrade Teadirect tea reduced from £1.42 to 92p (36.8p per 100g)

Reducing the 80 bag boxes to 92p and the 160 bag boxes to £3.35. So a big box is double the size and more than three and a half times as expensive.

160 bags of Fairtrade Teadirect tea reduced from £3.85 to £3.35 (67p per 100g)
  • 67p for 100g (when you buy 160 bags)
  • 36.8p for 100g (when you buy 80 bags)
  • Exactly the same product.

Now that's just stupid.

(Sainsburys haven't replied to the email sent to their Customer Services yet, though when chased they did acknowledge that they were working on a reply.) Update - 3 June - they replied.

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