Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The NI Guardian goes blurry

Northern Ireland Guardian printing problem

AiB has mentioned before that local Guardian readers lose out. Printed in Portadown, the local copy of the Berliner-sized paper isn't printed in full colour like the rest of the UK.

The grey versions of the original colour pictures are often less than visually appealing. And the G2 magazine loses a couple of pages including the TV review.

Monday took the printing woes to a new level.

Northern Ireland Guardian printing problem

The free copy I picked up on the way onto the way through the bmi lounge had a washed out blur at the bottom of page 5 of the Media Guardian pull out. At least the interview with Emma Scott, managing director of freesat can be read online in its entirety!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have to use a pair of scissors before I can read the G2 section.

Miffy said...

Simple - read it online. BTW Alan - bit of Ballyhackamore goss what you mightn't have heard yet - the tescos is getting an alcohol bit. Hurrah (sorry, had to share!)

Coke_Shy_Hero said...

I generally find it helpful to use a shredder before reading the Grauniad. Sometimes the spelling comes out better afterward. :-)

John Self said...

Yes, this teacher's life, the G2 section is sometimes insufficiently guillotined across the top and needs the application of a good ruler or knife.

However the reason I came back to this post is that I have noticed that the Guardian in Northern Ireland finally seems to be in full colour! Hurray! Sadly the paper quality is still much poorer than in the GB edition, and we're still missing four pages from G2...