Saturday, May 24, 2008

Something for the weekend - Red Bull Soapbox racing at Stormont

Looking out the window of Stormont's Long Gallery last Monday night, we could see a colourful arch across the main avenue. But by the time we emerged (after the Barry and Basil show) it had gone.

Now it looks like it was in preparation for Sunday's Soapbox racing organised by Red Bull - basically cars powered by gravity that will hurtle down the windy track (with hay bales at each side) until they reach the bottom.

About 44 teams have been busy building their light-weight vehicles and will be competing between 1pm and 5pm tomorrow - Sunday 24 May.

To help with parking, a Park and Ride scheme will be in operation from Dundonald High School and Holywood Exchange - £5 to park and a free bus up to the Stormont gates at Massey Avenue.

Starting at 11am, there will also be a fleet of ten buses running from Chichester Street out to the front gates of Stormont on the Newtownards Road - £1.50 per person.

If the weather holds up, it could be a spectacular day's entertainment! Update - It was ...

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