Friday, May 23, 2008

Good news - loose ends - wrapped up

Time to tie up a few loose ends.

Second key for a Ford - at last

There was good news when we got back from a long weekend in Gloucester and wandered around to Lindsay cars. They had a second key (and the original first). So I actually got to drive the car back home instead of walking!

Turns out that second keys for Ford cars don't have the remote locking buttons. They're just straight key barrels. Bit of a surprise. But one I can live with.

Freesat promotion in Argos (Ross's Court) - at last

Second surprise was discovering a box of Freesat promotional leaflets in the Ross's Court Argos in the centre of Belfast. No set top boxes on display, but at least a couple of the models are now in stock and available to purchase.

Two subjects I hope AiB won't be returning to in a hurry.

Update: And for completeness I should mention the countries that were successful in the second semifinal on Thursday night: Iceland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Albania, Latvia, Croatia, Denmark, Georgia and Portugal.

From Sunday morning - after the contest is over (and forgotten) - the full results will be revealed, so we can find out just how badly Dustin the turkey did in the voting!

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Stephen Barnes said...

You can buy additional keys with the remote buttons on them. Just remember to follow the instructions for programming it to work with the immobiliser and the central locking (two procedures!) very carefully!