Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Add to Set

I’ve a confession to make.

I like my cameras small, much like my cars. So any of the photos you see on the Alan in Belfast blog or flickr feed will have been taken with a pocket-sized camera.

Sony DSC-W90 camera

Not one of those black XLR jobbies that look professional and have interchangeable lenses. No, a wee Sony Cybershot DSC-W90. Just a three times optical zoom, though the 8.1 megapizels is more than adequate for filling up a memory card.

It lives in my coat pocket. No need to cart around a camera bag. The spare battery weighs the same as three £1 coins, and the spare Memory Stick Pro Duo hardly makes a dent in an already full wallet.

Being so light the shots can be shaky, and the flash isn’t up to much (and tends to eat into the battery). But switch on burst mode and hold down the shutter button … and one of the shots will be sharp and interesting. And since it’s portable, it’s always there for those moments when you notice that under the bridge is flooded again, or the price of tea bags irritates, Dart trains popping up in Suffolk, ...

trans festival logo

So it was a bit of a shock to be invited – along with some more illustrious photographers – to be part of an exhibition running as part of the Trans Festival which has just begun in the Waterfront Hall. I think the last time anyone exhibited by work was as on a display board at school sports day!

Add to Set will be a celebration of the quantity and quality of Belfast based photo blogs and photographers. Opened by the legendary Rock Photographer Pennie Smith, (the genius behind the Clash’s “London calling” Album cover) the exhibition will be open to everyone and anyone to visit, Launching on the 17th July until the 10th of August.

Various technological advances in the last few years have enabled anyone with a camera to share their photography with the world. Some might argue that this has lead [sic] to a devaluing of the art form; however we believe quite the opposite.

The exhibition will show both in physical and digital form, photographic works from of some of Belfast’s best photographers, along with a seminar from Pennie Smith and a launch with refreshments provided.

Top Floor Gallery in the Waterfront at 7pm on Thursday Wednesday night ... and preceded by a seminar about the future of photography, led by Pennie Smith at 5.30pm 5pm 5.30pm.

Despite the embarrassment of being shown up in front of professionals, I’ll look forward to seeing some of you there.


Anonymous said...

wow- fantastic stuff Alan. look forward to checking it out

LT said...

Wow! That's awesome! (excuse the very American expression)

I will be on a plane to England (again); otherwise I would be there to bask in your reflected glory.

Congratulations and enjoy.


LT said...

Oh, have you ever thought about trying this? Courtesy of iced.coffee.words weblog.


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Yes - I've always avoided binding contracts to do things daily (or average out over the week) ... need to declutter my life, scared to add more to it!

But am looking forward to Phil's photos ...