Thursday, June 12, 2008

DARTing around Suffolk

On the drive from Stansted airport up the A120 and over onto the A12 heading towards Ipswich, there are a number of things I expect to see on the road.

There's the funny sculpture - Essex's answer to the Angel of the North - on the right hand side heading towards Braintree. There's the skateboarding park on the way into Mark's Tey in which I've never seen a skater. And the signs for Gnome World leading down a country road that I've haven't quite found the time to investigate.

DART carriages outside Ipswich, Suffolk

About five miles out of Ipswich, some familiar and green passed by on the other side of the dual carriageway. A DART carriage. Must have come off a boat in Felixstowe docks.

And then heading up to the Copdock roundabout (perhaps easier to distinguish as the Toys'R'Us roundabout) there were another two low loaders carrying DART-liveried carriages - this time heading towards Ipswich - or perhaps ready to turn up the A14 towards Cambridge.

Bizarre. A team of lunatics driving them around Suffolk while their GPSs search for the right way to Dublin? But hopefully good news for Dublin commuters. Shiny new trains on their way.

And at least this week's trip to Ipswich was less eventful than the last time I was there.

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