Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bus / Tube / Oven

Not sure what the weather's like in Belfast, but it's glorious in London. Good move not bringing a rain coat!

Other than one tube down from Heathrow to Charring Cross on Tuesday evening, it's been a bus-fest this week. Definitely a lot more pleasant than the Tube in good weather.

Except for this last trip.

Coming up from Vauxhall to Paddington, the Tube would take 20 or so minutes, compared to 30 or so on the 436 bus. A small price to pay for avoiding the underground metal oven? If only the air conditioning on the bus was pumping out hot air at such a furious rate while the sun blazes in the windows!

Now to see what the new Terminal 1 security queues are like - they've recently combined domestic and international security (to allow everyone to browse the international T1 airside shops) - and try to get a seat on the earlier flight home.


Timothy Belmont said...

Did they get the Oystercard glitch sorted out?

Alan in Belfast said...

Yes - though it destroyed a lot of cards! And they've another (different) fault today.

Niall said...

Hope you enjoyed the "new, improved, customer experience" offered from longer security queues. At least that's what I was told by the BAA marketing department when I registered a complaint with them (although they did respond very quickly!).

I've given up on the tube/bus in summer where at all possible - walking seems at least as quick much of the time and a *little* less hot :D

Alan in Belfast said...

Niall - you're not the first to mention that the new joint queue isn't the fastest.

But arriving at half four, I sailed through with only 2 or 3 people ahead of me at any point, and lots of lanes open for the take-you-photo, scan-your-bag, check-your-face fairground rides.

Must have been just ahead of the evening rush.

Anonymous said...

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