Sunday, July 20, 2008

NI's Sesame Tree goes national/network

From Monday morning, Northern Ireland's Sesame Tree will be unleashed on early morning viewers on BBC Two across the UK. It's showing at 7.45am for the next couple of weeks.

Hats off to Colin and all at Sixteen South who made the programmes.

Much of the show's subtlety and local vocabulary might be lost on the mainland audience (who'll be reaching for the subtitles button) ... but at least it'll help them learn to listen to the more pronounced accents.

Now, I wonder whether it'll count towards BBC NI's drama or children's network hours totals?!


iced coffee said...

and here's a photograph from a shoot I did last week of the puppeteer for the main character in Sesame Tree.

I watched it the other day too. Some subtitles are required at times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alan. From Mon 4 August, it's also going out on CBeebies - at 10am and 1pm every day - two great slots.

Cheers dude